Remember the more you bring, the more you carry. Keep to the list as best as you can. Part of the experience is living without a lot.

Hiking Clothes: No cotton

  • Shorts or long pants; zip off pant legs are great
  • T-shirt/ tank top
  • Long sleeve
  • Lightweight warm down, synthetic, OR fleece coat
  • Long underwear or leggings
  • Sleep shirt (long sleeve)
  • 1 pair - Sleep socks
  • 2 pair - hiking sock
  • 1 or 2 pairs underwear
  • Gloves light weight
  • Warm hat
  • Rain pants
  • Rain coat
  • Sports bra


  • Headband or bandana
  • Ball cap
  • Vest

Yoga Clothes:

  • Bring 1 or 2 yoga outfits - top and bottom
  • 1 pair yoga pants recommended
  • Yoga mat – It will get dirty!


Shoes: Comfortable

  • Trail runner shoes / sneakers (recommended) OR Light weight hiking boots (broken in)
  • Camp shoes- Slip-ons recommend (Crocs are great)


Many Items Available to Rent, see the gear rental list

  • Backpack – approx. 3000 cubic inches or 50 liters (rental avail)
  • Sleeping Bag -synthetic or down- rated 20 or 30 degrees (rental avail)
  • Sleeping bag liner – (required if renting a bag)
  • Sleeping pad - air or foam (rental avail)
  • Tent (rental avail)
  • Hiking poles (recommended)
  • Head lamp
  • Pack cover OR Black contractor garbage bag (recommended) to line pack (Plastic bag available for purchase)


Space is extremely limited! Register now for August 2018! $500 deposit secures your spot.

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Meal time:

  • Big spoon
  • Cup
  • Bowl/ plate

Daily snacks: Tasty snacks that YOU like are recommended

  • Energy bars
  • Chocolate
  • Trail Mix
  • Dried fruit

Amenities, First Aid & Extras

Wilderness Yoga will provide group kit with supplies.  However, I recommend a few small personal items:

Keep together in one bag:

  • 1 oz. Sunscreen
  • 1 oz. Bug spray (deet)
  • 1 oz. hand sanitizer
  • Chapstick
  • Sunglasses
  • Toilet Paper
  • Baby wipes are nice
  • Ibuprofen/ asprin
  • Blister protection- Second Skin brand (highly recommended)
  • Knife (optional)

Keep together in another bag:

  • Couple Band aids
  • Personal meds
  • 1 oz. Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Floss
  • 2 extra Ziplocs
  • Journal (optional)
  • Pen (optional)
  • Lighter (optional)
  • Camera (case recommended)
  • Mini wallet (ziplock is great) with ID, a CC, some cash for amenities, road snacks, and gratuities
  • 1 set extra batteries for headlamp and camera

Water Capacity

Wilderness Yoga will provide group filtration for potable water

You Bring:

  • 2 liter platypus with hose (recommended)
  • 1 liter water bottle