Salmon River Adventure August 6th-17th 2017!

Thank you so much. It was the most amazing experience of my life so far. I loved the crew, all the people, the food and especially the ducky's! I told my mom that I was scared to start middle school but that if I could do 200 miles in a ducky on the Salmon River...then I've got this. Thanks for the confidence boost!
~Tia, Renton, WA

This was the most amazing adventure I've ever done! It was life changing to say the least!! From the amazing staff at Canyons to the wonderful people who hosted the Yoga Expedition I couldn't have asked for anything more! Met some amazing people and created some life long freindships. Highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to experience the best that nature has to offer. I'm already recruiting people for this adventure in the near future.
~Scott, Donnelly, ID

If you are tired of everyday life and feel like you need to get away, meet great people, breathe clean air, take in nature, then this is the adventure you need. You will come away a new person, this trip changes you and for the better. Sleeping under the stars at night, no noise, eagles flying thru camp, the sound of water...... It was a dream come true!
~Bette, Kansas City, KS

The experience of living and rafting in the wild, the camaraderie of our river mates, the care/feeding/education/counsel from our guides - the exploration of self along the beautifully wild and raging Salmon River - a wonderful life altering trip. So happy I made the leap and DID IT!
~Teri, Renton, WA

Summer Solstice Adventure June 19th-21st 2015!

So 7 yogis climb a mountain and what do they do? Well strike a yoga pose of course. Climbing this mountain was a new challenge for me.... but I trusted Jessica. I made it all the way to the top! What an incredibly rewarding experience!

Jessica has been a life changing mentor and inspiration to me. Getting to be outside with great people and get to do yoga has led me to self discovery. Being in the wilderness, I feel completely safe in Jessica's care and so happy to be on one of these amazing adventures. Jessica is such a beautiful soul and is leading people into appreciating the outdoors and getting away from our busy lives, it truly is an enlightening experience.

My experience with Wilderness Adventure Yoga was not just about physical exercise, but in larger part it included spiritual growth. Hiking to the top of the mountain, and camping out in the meadow just below makes you appreciate how epic nature really is. I felt as if I connected with my ancestors who could call this beautiful place their home. I know I probably speak for others when I say I have lost touch with nature because I find myself working indoors, in front of a computer. However, this trip allowed me to reconnect with nature, and feel as if I belonged to something much greater then what I currently know. So many instances during the trip I felt in awe of the mystical power of our earth and how many hidden treasures lay throughout. Jessica, a.k.a. Wildflower, was an excellent group leader and an excellent cook. She has the experience to take a group up and down a mountain, teach the wonders of yoga along the way, and cook delicious meals. There was such a diverse group that went with this trip, and I must say getting to know the fellow yogi travelers was absolutely one of the highlights of the trip. I met wonderful people each of whom I was able to connect with and make a new friend. WAY was absolutely a trip that I will never forget and I will be telling people about forever! I cant wait till next time!

Backpacking is fun. Yoga & backpacking…Awesome! The knowledge & inspiration I acquired from my Wilderness Adventure Yoga experience continues to motivate me daily. It could be a movie titled "Lost & Found With Wilderness Adventure Yoga." The program is the best of everything in life… positive energy, physical fitness and being in nature. I experienced harmony, freedom, and joy.
~ Boots, Backpacker-Traveler-Yoga Newbie
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Hiking with Jessica was an amazing experience. She thinks of everything and comes prepared so you don't have to. It was raining the day we trekked into Goldmeyer Hot Springs and she has plenty of extra rain pants for everyone to wear. I graciously took a pair and am very happy I did. I was soaking wet but my pants were dry. The rain could not dampen the high spirits of the group and it was a great experience. There is something to be said about turning off technology and getting back to nature with someone you trust to guide you. Jessica shines in this role, she is a guide, a teacher and a friend.

Backpacking, hot springs, yoga! 3 wonderful experiences and all put together by Jessica and her crew. To top it all off all meals planned and prepared for the group. Wilderness Yoga Adventures is creating opportunities for people to make outside a very cool place to be! I plan on doing another adventure with them in the future. I had an experience that I will always look back on as one of my favorites.
thank you Jessica!
~Sandy Simpkins

Remember in the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows -- in the middle of nowhere, Hermione reaches into her cute beaded handbag and pulls out jeans, clean socks, medicine for a leg wound, then the invisibility cloak and, finally, a tent?
That's what it is like going on an adventure with Jessica. I had the pleasure of doing a 10 mile RT hike with Jessica to Goldmyer Hot Springs. It rained most of the day, but Jessica had a stack of waterproof gaiters, so we all kept dry. The springs were idyllic and we were blessed with snowfall while there. Feeling chilled, we were over the moon at delicious tea and tortilla soup. I'm still not sure how everything got heated. I'll admit, I almost chickened out of going on the hike as I had recently found out that I was allergic to gluten, yeast, egg, soy and dairy. Not a problem, Jessica vetted every snack and even altered the soup recipe to accommodate my dietary issues.
In addition to being passionate about the outdoors, experienced in hiking and leading groups, Jessica is just ton of fun to be around.
I can't wait until I can go on her long weekend adventures ... I have a teensy fear of camping and I'm sure Jessica has something in her magic bag to make it work.
~ tracey l croisier, bellevue wa

My time with Wilderness Adventure Yoga was challenging, inspiring and incredibly rewarding. I had never backpacked prior to signing up for an adventure, and was a little nervous about being in the elements with only what I had on my back. Jessica and her team were incredibly knowledgeable, prepared and helped make me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities. Between challenging day hikes and relaxing yoga sessions, I felt truly connected to my natural surroundings and returned to my daily routine reinvigorated and with a sense of peace. I would highly recommend Wilderness Adventure Yoga and already have my next adventure booked!

I lived in Seattle for four years and was miserable because of the rain and grayness. So, I was very hesitant to sign up for a Wilderness Adventure Yoga in the Northwest in November. I am so glad I threw caution to the wind and pushed what I thought was my comfort zone.It was one of the best weekends of my life! There are so many things W.A.Y. did to make the weekend spectacular: made sure that I knew exactly what to pack; cooked amazing food including making accommodations for my Paleo diet; did most of the camp "chores" so that we could relax; adapted the yoga to our specific group's desires and schedule; created a comfortable and collegial atmosphere among all the guests.